Summer Launch

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Hi How's it going? I noticed that I tend to hop around as ideas bubble over and get to WORK immediately (God's timing is perfect).

Last year I had done the 100 deal in September while I started my first official homeschool year.🤣 Dont worry I did fine. This year we are launching the special immediately after school ended. Now and all June you will be able to book a spot for me to paint some custom O's.! This deal isna must to do each year as tradition... next year will be a bit different. So I wish for you to join in and get your order of 100 O'buttons.

Let me recommend joining the Wix App so you will always be reminded of the exclusive specials through out the year. The option pops up when you first enter

I hope to hear from you soon, Kim Romero

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