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Psalm 136

The best set up for a printed bottle cap button is sending me an original file that has solid colors without gradient. Once you send me the file, I will send you the sample image. The orders take about a month to get to you, so please order ahead of time. If you need a rush order, there is a fee and you pay shipping. You will need to order two full business weeks ahead of time. Other than that, shipping is included with US orders. I will give you a tracking number. 

You can CONTACT me on FB. 

Printed O'buttons are bottle caps that have a logo printed on the top of the caps. You have a few choices for the side base color to choose from, ask me about the options.

Each bottle cap receives a 3/4 inch pin back on the back as well as the CAF signature. Each O'button is safely secured in a mini zip lock bag.

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