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The great co'mission - the O'button story 

Psalm 136
Circles Are Forever Band Bottle Cap Buttons and merchandise.

C.A.F. Bottle Caps began involving bottle caps, pins, paint, gloss and tons of TLC . I am constantly on the look out for trinkets to dress up. As of the present I pretty much focus on hand painting:

• Circle (bottle caps) buttons / O'buttons

The painted caps are individually created by yours truly. There are no machines involved to duplicate these creations. I sell retail and wholesale. Wholesale is purchasing 100 items. I can paint anywhere, but I'm usually at my desk located in sunny California. This is the same place I began to get serious about the craft. I started with my aunt's business, BC Magnet Creations, as her apprentice. That was some time around 1998. Eventually 2004 came around and God pretty much showed me the O'button invention and that is how C.A.F. Bottle Caps (Circles Are Forever) came about.


As of 2024 I am adding some printed O'buttons to the mix!

C.A.F. Bottle Caps is not just a business but a way to support and serve others. I would love to work with whoever wants to work with me. I have a willing heart that is ready to throw my entire self working, running, building, transforming, and glorifying!

lOve, Kim* Romero


printed o'buttons

The best set up for a printed bottle cap button is sending me an original file that has solid colors without gradient. Once you send me the file, I will send you the sample image. The orders take about a month to get to you, so please order ahead of time. If you need a rush order, there is a fee. Other than that, shipping is included with US orders. You can CONTACT me on FB. 

Printed O'buttons are bottle caps that have a logo printed on the top of the caps.
Each bottle cap receives a 3/4 inch pin back on the back as well as the CAF signature.

Bottle cap set up

Kim Romero hand paints band bottle cap bottle cap buttons and merch.

This is a basic set up for a button, it will help you with setting up other items too. You can CONTACT me on FB. There are three basic options but the creativity is endless. You provide a logo/design, choose colors for top-side-and border.There is the pin back on the bottom of the bottle cap. It is used with a massive glue that sticks till the very end. The CAF signature is added to the back.

Circle Buttons/O'buttons are hand painted and glossed bottle caps.
Each bottle cap receives a 3/4 inch pin back on the back.

The most common set up of an O'button:

  • Your band/business name + solid base coat

  • Your design + top base coat + side base + with or without border

  • Provide me a logo and I will set it up

  • Custom logo designs are an extra fee

How to set up an O'button / bottle cap button with Circles Are Forever.
The back of the O'button / bottle cap band button has the CAF signature and a 1 inch pin on the back

painted o'buttons