Patchwork Show Santa Ana 

I was in my zone today at


yes so very magical. Lisa Cherry gave me a great tip, to wave people over and I did that and an extra step to walk up to kids to come make a bottle cap necklace, because everyone needs a warm invitation to fun! It's funny because the parents thought they had to pay and I say, no it's a gift from me to you. You can see the relief in their eyes and the children's eyes light up. I'm a mom, I completely get it. Everyone also needs to experience crafting at a craft fair, it's a must! You should have seen all those smiles and wonder in their eyes today!!! They were all so proud and some even made a second as a gift. One of the preschoolers was telling her mom how it all matched so well for her cousin and shaking with excitement as she said that...especially when she saw the matching stringed gift bag, that was so special!

Someone gave me a persimmon too, something about free crafts equals a free persimmon.

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