Mint Salon Annual Art Show

I do have to say Mint Salon sure does know how to put on an art show. Don't let it fool you that it's just a salon in the little town of Garden Grove. The night was booming with all sorts of happy beautiful people enjoying the artful night. There were cupcakes and cookies at the shampoo bar. Every sink was packed with ice cubes and drinks. I could barely move during the comedy hour because it was a packed house full of giggles. When you are ready to shop for some holiday gifts and need holiday hair, I would ask you to do yourself a favor and support Mint Salon and the local artists. I don't recommend much but when I do it's a big deal... if you're sorry you missed out, you can still visit and see the art gallery. Walk-ins are gladly welcomed but make sure to set up a hair appointment while you're there. I'm going to soon. Love, Kim

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