Patchwork Show - Tustin, California

Dear Nicole and the Patchwork Team,

One of the first things I noticed at the craft fair was all of you! You had set up and continued to hold down the fort while the vendors and craft stations got to focus on their own space. Wow that is SO MUCH WORK. I appreciate all of you, thank you so much! We had such a smooth set up and fun time with the attendees because of you! From the outside looking in, it was all smiles all around and that makes it worth being part of Patchwork each year.

This year we went with O'marks (bka bottle cap bookmarks)! The attendees got to either add stickers or design their own scratch art. The other craft stations were equally amazing, from creating their own art booklets to painting jewelry on wood... the people in charge of the craft stations were oh so nice to the children... one of the ladies did a story time, teaching her beliefs. My daughter sat in on that. I welcome any experience because it is good to learn about the differences in our country. That's what makes America so enjoyable.

The crafters had an amazing time getting to make a tiny drawing of their choice. I am one for open ended art and they surely got tickled about it too! I am so glad to have found that black scratch paper. Next time I would like to have some acoustic music in my booth, if possible. I do miss singing and enjoyed being part of the Patchwork Tour years ago. That was so fun... I have to mention I did love going to Oakland, that crowd really enjoys music! Ok, enough with the memories. Thank you again for all that your team does all year to make this happen, even through the pandemic. Please keep up the good work for the community. I am here to support you!

Love, Kim Romero

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