One More Song A Tribute to Mike May 

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Thumper Punk and Indie Vision Music collaborated to bring honor to Mike May by making this, One More Song Tribute Album for his family. All the proceeds go to them.

It was during one of my quiet times in life when I had been waiting for months to get together with others to make songs and it wasn't happening. I had been a huge fan of Mainframe (Self Titled and Burn the Boats) for the past year, helping me get through life and getting me to melt away from the free social sites (that's a whole other story hahaha). I may say I was their #1 fan, who knows. They have no idea. Anyway, out of the blue I get asked to sing a part for this album and later it would be released with the rest of the Mainframe's songs with the Indie Vision Records release.

I had a small part on this song towards the end but it had a big impact on my life, reminding me that God places desires in my heart for His purpose. I just need to be patient and rely on Him in His timing. I think it was so cool that I got to be part of a song that means so much to me. I tell people this song Ties That Bind sums up everything I wanted to say on the B is Bridgie 500 Words EP(limited edition cds in my shop).

There are so many ways I'd like to share this collection of music with you because now days music is free so you'd have to really love me to want to spend your money on anything I recommend.

I think this is a cool album because I thought I was the only one who didn't get to meet Mike. No, there were other artists who came together to make and gift their songs for this who didnt know him either. I had to record separately and never even met Mainframe. When God wants something to happen for His people He makes it happen. It touches many lives, it is good, and brings with it a sweet aroma in many forms. Go listen, my personal faves are One More Song by A Common Goal, Hope by The Bricks and Tortured Saint by Sef Idle.

lOve, Kim

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