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I believe everyone needs a place to call home on the internet that has a heart to serve others. The free social platforms where you share links and what you do (that your family and friends use)  is the town square. It's wild there out in the open. Your website is your endeavor's home platform and will be a place to host your own social media platform for your true clients.  I am here to assist you adding content up, so you can be focused doing what you do best.

I may give the best deal but don't let that fool you with my work ethic! I can only take on a few more clients, so book me while I am available. Contact me first with your website idea and then we can get you on the appropriate subscription so I can assist you.

To see the more of the plan's description, click on select.

Web Assistant Plans

  • Convo and Touch Ups

    Every month
    • I can give you tips.
    • Touch up your site minimally.
  • Extensive Touch Up

    Every month
    • I will dive full force monthly adding content to your pages.
  • Start from Scratch

    Every week
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • I will add your content to a website layout.
    • Two weeks to complete our plan.
    • A month to fix layout.

Websites that I have assisted:

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