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The Road to Bethel - B is Bridgie

(Genesis 13)

Leaving sin heading to be altered

Dry land 'till where I ought to be

Remember God, repent of sin, repeat

Call the LORD, worship God again


Gained a lot, let's split up, and keep the peace

Lot looked at the beautiful plain

Went ahead to the twisted place

Altered not makes for bad decisions


I'm on the road to Bethel 

It's where I will call home

You'll keep me from stumbling

And prepare me a table

I'm on road to Bethel


LORD spoke, lift up your eyes

Lots of land, lots of family

I will move, God said so

Pack up camp and leave the town


There are deeds that lead to darkness

This darkness breaks up families

You can try to gain the whole world

Is it worth trading your soul?

The Road to Bethel Written by Jonathan Caro and  Kim Romero

This is Genesis 13 of the Genesis Collection on

Released 04-24-2022

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