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B is Bridgie Printed O'button

You will receive:

1  B is Bridgie (printed) O'button


This O'button is a print. Each bottle cap receives a 3/4 inch pin back on the back. The tiny CAF signature is included on the back.  Tracking with every order. Thanks a million for stopping by. See you again soon!

Peace, LOve and bOttle caps, Kim*


Listen to B is Bridgie‎‎‎


B is Bridgie Printed O'button

  • All sales are final. I ship your bottle cap art in sturdy up-cycled/recycled packaging when I have empty boxes, if not in regular mailers. I add confirmation to every package sent out in the US.

    Warning: Please remember CAF Bottle Caps are art trinkets and not toys for children under 12. Remember bottle caps and my other items are art pieces that rely on adult care. They contain small materials. This can be a choking and poison hazard. Please keep these out of their (children under 12) reach.

    Agreement: By purchasing from CAF Bottle Caps you take full responsibility for keeping these away from children under 12 and using these items for adult use only. CAF Bottle Caps is not responsible for any mishaps with children under 12 because these items are not made for children. These items in CAF Bottle Caps are made for adults only.

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