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exact date unknown 2003

april 14th 2001




june 12, 2005



the truth about my words

The Truth About My Words

pardon me dear, you weren't taught so well i heard

excuse me sir, i rightly choose my words

shan't call my words poems

for i am frightened of being scorned for improper grammer of which i bestow

oh my! call 9-1-1-!

resuscitate the lower case letters!

breathe in 1 2 3 4 5!

check for height then pump, now pulse.


it was just a bad dream

What is it?

What is "it"?
April 14, 2001

what is "it"? i can fly... meant to be... give me space... there...

what "it" is exactly:

it is where we aren't afraid to fly

it's meant to be

it is there

it is it

please give me outter space...


if it's meant to be it is

i can't fly alone...

what remains the same

To You.

To You.

maybe im too overbearing for you
i have these high above the sky dreams
and maybe you are more into life like things?
i hate excluding myself from others
but i know im not like anyone i've ever met.
so i guess im afraid
to let you know who i really am?
im afraid to let a somebody know,
if you dont want to know who i am.
i always seemed to throw myself at nobodys.
i tried to make things work out with people that didnt care about me
who knew they meant the world to me... but no, we never fit.
and so now i'd like to change, id really like to focus on the ones that love me,
that care and would give me the time of day.
maybe i wont ever totally get over this obsession over nobodys,
but i do still think you are somebody.

its a lie to say true love can only last but a few seconds.
if its love it would have never faded or even burnt out.
love is endless. its a circle, my friend.
its about compromising for eachother, but never against God.

i am overwhelming, i'm too overbearing, thoughts are high above the sky.
obsessed over nothings, drama queen of the year, and totally into you.
who are you, where are you? do i already know who and where you are?
please tell me one day.



i have this heart that my creator drew
sometimes He allows me to fill it in.
i color this heart with the mediums i choose...
and later He shows me they have been misused.
why i continue to do the bad things i do...
forgive me…

teach me to be more like You.

. Jesus sprinkles His love ,pure to my heart
Sparkles and shimmers, joy to His heart

The world …they watch me.
The world….they mock me.
if they only knew...
if they only knew i was doing it for You.

why we have this shape called heart .
so we know we are never alone.
God has made me his own.
Everyday is a brand new start.
If we’d only give Jesus our hearts.

W.W.W.W.HOW? 3.16.02


when i speak,
thank you for listening.
when im wrong,
please disagree... even if it hurts me.
dont agree just to give me comfort

are you strong enough
yet understanding stand up for yourself?
i want to be (please say you want to be)
more like jesus too.

im tired of compromise
we know its not right
am i able to speak?
why am i worried to tell the ones i love
what love really is?
why do they say they care when they act like they dont
they dont know who love is!
they dont know what love is!
they dont know why or when love is.
they say not to judge...
then stop judging me!
i just want love to be in the open.
sparkling and shimmering together as one.

say you forgive me...
say you do love me.
let's pray, everything's going to be just fine.

a dream i had

a dream i had june 12, 2005

we looked into each others eyes last night, for the first time, and we knew, that God knew, what we know. this indescribable connection, this innocent extraordinary exception, planned out before our parents first saw our tiny toes. our smiles were the perfect hint within the first micro second, it was pure and completely unlike those fairytales that school teachers told. The day was spent with arms wrapped and feet in sync. You went away at the end of the day. on the phone you said "i have something planned." When tomorrow came, a box was sent. i popped in this video and turned on the screen. it was a documentary of the love we got to see.

.as we blossom. 1.15.03

as we blossom

Can i hear his soft whisper,
Will you tell him to call?
I can't tell who is chosen
so I'm guessin' it wasn't him at all.

oh where is my little blossom, the one who waits for me?
is he out there in the garden, resting away with our Lord praying?
Please don't lose hope for us,
one day we will be,
together in pureness,
one indeed.

Lord teach us to be persistent, in keeping your commands.
Teach me to be the woman, you predestined and planned.
I am writing because i am lacking so much of what i can't achieve.
the need is far above me.
as im down on my knees.
im losing all patience,i am growing weak.
Lord keep me from making the mistakes of a dream.
awake me from this burden, bring together your peace.
keep me your child
alive and well blossoming
do what you must
i'm yours to keep.

march 27 01

.march 27.01

as the pieces puzzle together
secrets reveal. frustration backs away.
understanding steps in its place.
thank you father i dont deserve knowledge of Truth
thank you Father for giving me Truth.
cant say i can repay you
can say that i love you
cant say i can prove it
can say you know my heart.
i wonder if anyone see's your truth in me
i dont see it today
i know its there but its awfuly small
i feel like people take you as a game
i sometimes take you forgranted
like today . ignoring your grace
it's kind of weird that we are all the same.


k.p.t.l. 2004

kites. fly high in finland, where the weather is chill, where the candles are lit.

in the city of turku, is where he lives, michael and him.

maps. encompass a world i crown make believe within.

memories of past and present become alive each time described in type.

over the hills, far beyond reach is where he

lives life, while learning life

and prays that this life

is the one God approves.

needing so much more far beyond what the eye longs to see,

He is yearning to possess an overflowing cup of teach me.

All of these Words are written by Kim Romero. 

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