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Pour Me LORD (printed) O'magnet

You will receive: 1 Pour me LORD (printed) O'magnet that has a pour me wine bottle print and a  1 inch magnet on the back. 


We stop in our tracks when we want to be stuck in the "poor me culture" and say POUR ME LORD, instead! Let the LORD do what must be done to empty us and fill us up with what He considers right in His sight, for His glory. Don't be scared of Jeremiah 48:11, it is good because after the chastening, comes restoration. God loves His children. Grace for ALL. Read the whole chapter not just the one verse.

When we let Him pour us, remember Jesus took the ultimate pain, He is our substitute, we are not created to take jab, He already did. Just let it happen and He will give you peace during chastening time. 

Pour Me LORD (printed) O'magnet

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