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Freedom - B is Bridgie

(Dakoda Motor Co. cover)


It's all about freedom and happiness
A sure-fire way to beat the rising tide
And nobody ever came close
You gave me more, you know
You gave me the most of all

And nobody knows the way
That she feels inside
How many times a day does she cry

Freedom and happiness
Love and fear

A tattoo of freedom like a birthday song
And you're caught wondering, thinking ooh
How could any of this go wrong?
And all of a dream is what I'm thinking of
There's bluebirds and
Bluebells and daisies singing
Songs of happy love

And everybody offers advice
And I know that it sounds nice
But that won't get you very far
In fact that's how you got where you are


Freedom by Dakoda Motor Co. Covered by B is Bridgie

Released on July 21, 2023


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