I'm just an average girl who wears makeup daily. I don't over wear it but I like to look presentable. There isn't much more to it. When I heard I can make some extra cash by sharing photos of what I'd like to call face art, linking you to a makeup catalog AND supporting my friend Chrissy at the same time...I said yes! I hope you will join in the fun and try some beauty products today! Try on makeup with the beauty tool, it works pretty good and if you have any issues, we have the Love It Guarantee!


Thank you and much Love, Kim*

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Love It Guarantee

Are you worried that you may not like the product? We have a Love it Guarantee so in 14 days you notice that you got an allergy or want to exchange or return a product let us know!

Up to 90 days!

The first 14 days- No questions asked. 15-30 days - Some refund or exchange 31-90 days exchange only

Before / After

A little coverage goes a long way. I always use moisturizing skin care and tints before applying any Touch coverage by Younique. It is created for oily skin and I am opposite. So I use lightly on my skin and use more BB Flawless.


Want to add a few years more to your face? Just lift everything at home in the safe and most natural way, YOUNIQUE.

Before / After

The 4D or Twisted Mascara are my go to mascaras! 4D is one step but Twisted has two wands that lengthen like wild wings! I didn't know how much I would fall head over heels for it. The 4D does both but the volume is out of control amazing!


I have never used falsies because the Younique mascara does the work for me.

BB Flawless coverage

A light moisturizing tint used with Glorious Primer. I like to use both of those on my eyebrows as well when I use a powder to fill them in.


This eyeshadow stays on all day! I even dunked my face in the water one day to see if it holds to it! I know that is rediculous but I had to make sure! The regular mascara stayed on too so waterproof is even stronger.


Hide those dark areas on your skin with a dab or a thick swipe of the wand. Touch Concealer is the most magical of all of the products in the Younique line.

Sleep pretty

Make sure to start a skin cleansing routine so when you awake, you'll have the best skin you possibly can.